No need to wait: Valuable digital resources to help support mental health

27 September 2021

The need for mental health support is at an all-time high. Yet unfortunately, access to that support is at an all-time low.

Due to the pandemic, mental health professionals have been inundated with new – and ...

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How you can make our world more gender inclusive

23 August 2021

As humans, we seek identity. And a large part of this? Our gender identity.

But what if the gender we’re assigned at birth misaligns with who we truly are on the inside? And what if who we are on the inside ...

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Why support groups matter (and how they differ to traditional therapy)

28 July 2021

When it comes to finding help for a mental health issue, people often think of seeing a therapist. And while this is often a crucial part of assessing and treating psychological challenges, there’s another re ...

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ADHD in girls: why it goes undetected – and what parents need to know

30 June 2021

When most people first think about ADHD, they picture a hyperactive child who is unable to sit still – and displays disruptive, challenging behaviours. However, girls are also affected by ADHD. And in many ca ...

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When employees thrive, we all thrive: How to build a mentally healthy workplace

25 May 2021

Good mental health allows people to flourish – not just in their personal life and relationships, but at work too. After all, organisations are made up of people, and when employees thrive, organisations thri ...

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Why it’s important to process & acknowledge trauma

19 April 2021

For people that have experienced a distressing event at some stage in their life, suppressing the experience can often feel like the only way forward.

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