How to revitalise your relationship in 2021

29 January 2021

relationship goal

Typically, New Year’s intentions focus on health and fitness. Valid goals, yes.

But for all those couples out there, when was the last time you thought about setting an intention to improve your r


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ASK CATHY: How to find hope when it all feels hopeless

13 August 2020


Whatever your life looks like right now, you’re likely experiencing some extremes. Extreme anxiety. Extreme isolation. Extreme responsibilities. We’ve all got them. So no matter who you are – or wha


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The truth about hypnosis: Q&A with Peter Kyriakoulis

19 July 2019


When it comes to hypnosis, there are mountains of misinformation – and clouds of confusion. So what’s the truth behind this psychological treatment?

Often associated with the work of magicians or

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