7 practical tips to start loving your body today

Posted on the 18 March 2019

How do you feel when you think about your body? For many of us, loving our bodies is easier said than done.   

But did you know that body image issues start early? In fact, children as young as five express concerns about ...

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Trouble in paradise? Here’s how to cope with relationship conflict.

Posted on the 19 February 2019

Man wearing gold watch and woman with a tattoo wearing a ring holding hands while sitting on a couch

Although every relationship comes with different types of challenges, one thing remains the same: they all require effort. But when couples work together to ...

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Resilience: the secret to a stronger, more positive you

Posted on the 25 January 2019

Toned woman climbing rocks with sunglasses on and chalked hands

Losing a job. The passing of a loved one. Or the end of a relationship. Life is filled with many highs… and also many lows. But as the famous saying goes; it’s not ...

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One piece of advice that changed Peter’s life

Posted on the 5 December 2018

Like one in four Australians, Positive Psychology Centre founder Peter Kyriakoulis has suffered anxiety for most of his life.  

Even from the tender age of 8, he remembers feeling anxious. About what, Peter’s not so sure. But what he does recall is the ...

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Is it possible to feel happy – every single day?

Posted on the 5 December 2018

From self-help books to inspirational quotes, society has become obsessed with happiness.

And it’s no surprise why. As research reveals, being happy matters big time. Happy people are reported as more confident, creative and sociable. They’re also more likely to have better relationships, more ...

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From PhD to finalist – Peter’s work recognised at Amplify Ignite 2018

Posted on the 9 November 2018

We’re excited to share that Positive Psychology Centre founder Peter Kyriakoulis has been commended for his doctoral research.

As a finalist in Amplify Ignite 2018, Peter flew to Sydney on Wednesday 14 November to deliver his pitch – in front of a live ...

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Answers to your biggest questions about bullying

Posted on the 1 November 2018

We have to cope with many challenges in our lives. But bullying shouldn’t be one of them.    

According to Kids Helpline, one in four children will be bullied at some stage. But bullying doesn’t just happen inside the schoolyard. From the boardroom to the ...

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How to survive the rollercoaster of trying to make a baby

Posted on the 1 November 2018

Falling pregnant doesn’t always happen as easily or quickly as we might expect.

In fact, it can be a rollercoaster of high hopes and deep disappointments – for years on end. Struggling to conceive is common, with one in six couples experiencing fertility problems ...

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