Teach, don’t tantrum: Emotional self-regulation for parents

6 July 2023

As parents, we aren’t privy to t


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Regulating the rollercoaster: How to improve your child’s emotional self-regulation

10 May 2023

A male teacher in a blue shirt is looking compassionately at a student. The student is a boy wearing a yellow polo shirt. He has his face in his hands.

We all want our children to leave home with some fundamental life skills.


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From stagnation to satisfaction: How career counselling can set you on the right path

6 March 2023

The last few years allowed us something rare: an extended stretch of time to reflect. Many of us reflected on our careers – and realised we wanted more.

Maybe we feel undervalued in our role. Maybe we’re wel ...

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Vices on vacation: 7 strategies to maintain your mental health this holiday season

22 December 2022

Two men are leaping into crystal-clear ocean waters. There's not a cloud in the sky.

For those of us with mental illness, the holidays are a slippery time.

Throughout the year, we strive to stay grounded – relying on our daily routines for consistency. But in the chaos of December, it’s easy ...

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10 ways to work through the grief of a breakup

20 October 2022

We know we feel grief when we lose a loved one. But death isn’t the only trigger of this gut-wrenching response.

When a relationship ends, we grieve our partner’s absence. We grieve the life we had with them ...

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Rumination and OCD: Here’s the connection – and how to end compulsive thinking

1 September 2022

A young woman sits on a couch looking pensive. She is staring absently at a pink coffee mug on the table in front of her.

We think of obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) as an illness we can see.

A person flicking a light switch on and off. Someone counting obsessively on the tips of their fingers.

But the invisible symptoms o ...

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