How do we ask those around us if they’re okay – when faced with the unique challenges surrounding the pandemic?

21 September 2020

Each September, we use R U OK?Day to remind Aussies to check in with each other. But this year, thanks to the pandemic, we are surrounded by people going through all sorts of struggles. The isolated ...

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ASK CATHY: How to find hope when it all feels hopeless

13 August 2020


Whatever your life looks like right now, you’re likely experiencing some extremes. Extreme anxiety. Extreme isolation. Extreme responsibilities. We’ve all got them. So no matter who you are – or wha ...

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Did you welcome lockdown round 2 with a sigh of relief? (If so, read this.)

14 July 2020


Thousands of Victorians have just begun the start of a second lockdown. And for some, the prospect of remaining indoors is music to their ears. For others, it will elevate fears of leaving home all ...

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How to get your kids back into the classroom with a smile – after lockdown

19 June 2020


A Q&A on school refusal with Dr Peter Kyriakoulis

The pandemic has taken its toll on everyone – even our smallest members of society. So it’s understandable if your child isn’t over the moon about ...

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Sensible hygiene practices – or OCD? It’s a fine line.

26 May 2020


As we’re in the midst of a pandemic (which by their very nature are health-related), we’re being continually told to practise good hygiene. But there is a fine line between ‘good’ hygiene practises ...

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Telehealth and children: everything parents need to know about virtual counselling

6 May 2020


While telehealth has been around for some years, it’s certainly new to many of our clients during this time of social distancing. And while it can take some getting used to – for children in particu ...

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