A guide to coping with climate anxiety

28 June 2022

Two dirty hands hold a small sprouting plant above dry, cracked dirt.

Avoidance is not a helpful therapeutic technique for any kind of anxiety.

And the same is true for climate anxiety – even though it’s not considered a clinical condition.

Let’s unpack the ways we can cope w ...

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Post-pandemic stress and anxiety: Here’s why it’s happening – and what to do

4 May 2022

A man in a navy shirt sits on the edge of his bed, his head in his hands. He looks pensive and stressed.

Snap lockdowns. Business closures. Family separations. Repeated cancellations.

With the intense peaks and troughs of recent years, it’s no wonder anxiety levels have risen – even among those who consider the ...

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Languishing: The overlooked mental state between thriving and depression

10 February 2022

We can conceptualise mental health as a spectrum – with flourishing on one end and depression on the other. But what sits in the middle?

It’s called languishing.

While the term isn’t new, it’s been discusse ...

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The therapy centred on managing extreme emotions: Meet DBT

14 December 2021

For some, emotions can get out of control, leading to self-destructive behaviour. But climbing out of an intensely negative headspace is easier said than done.

That’s why Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT ...

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Men’s mental health: Let’s dispel these 5 harmful myths

21 November 2021

People get a lot of things wrong about men’s mental health. And these misconceptions are only causing harm for the men who are suffering.

So with Movember on this month – a campaign to raise awareness and fu ...

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The power of pets: 5 ways animals boost our mental health

31 October 2021

There’s no doubt. Our affinity for animals can be deep, enriching and enduring.

But did you know that this human-animal bond is much more than a warm fuzzy feeling?

Pets provide numerous benefits to our men ...

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