Seeking truth? 7 meditation myths you need to know.

23 September 2019


Buddhists have been doing it for millennia. Wellness bloggers have been raving about it for some time too. And now, even schoolkids learn it.

Meditation. It’s in the spotlight today more than ever.

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Trying to fall pregnant? Here’s why self-care is key.

19 August 2019


If you’re struggling to fall pregnant or maintain a healthy pregnancy, you know how devastating and emotional it can be. While most information on fertility focuses on the body, there’s one area tha


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7 practical tips to start loving your body today

18 March 2019


How do you feel when you think about your body? For many of us, loving our bodies is easier said than done.   

But did you know that body image issues start early? In fact, children as young as fiv

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Resilience: the secret to a stronger, more positive you

25 January 2019


Losing a job. The passing of a loved one. Or the end of a relationship. Life is filled with many highs… and also many lows. But as the famous saying goes; it’s not what happens to you, but how you r


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Is it possible to feel happy – every single day?

5 December 2018


From self-help books to inspirational quotes, society has become obsessed with happiness.

And it’s no surprise why. As research reveals, being happy matters big time. Happy people are reported

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Self-care: how to be your best self in 2018

11 May 2018


Who was the last person you cared for? Perhaps it was your son, mother or friend. But how many other names would come to mind, before you said ‘me’?

Self-care is essential to being the best version

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