Healing Old Wounds – Becoming Your Own Hero

13 August 2018


Healing Old Wounds – Becoming Your Own Hero

Run by Positive Psychology, this is a 4-week program that uses narrative and cognitive therapy (including private writing and group discussion) to build self-understanding, self-compassion and a more resilient coping style. You will learn to stop rehashing unhelpful stories, deal with self-criticism and find increased wellbeing.

Why is this for me?

If you’re feeling stuck, lost for motivation or out of alignment with your passion and purpose in life, this is the group for you. Perhaps you feel caught in the fallout of a difficult childhood, relationships gone wrong or repeating old patterns and mistakes.


Week 1 Early Life / Getting Started

Week 2 Relationships

Week 3 Skills Exploration

Week 4 Self Compassion


Eligibility & Fees

This program is designed for a maximum of 10 people. To be eligible for Medicare rebates you must have a current Mental Health Care Plan from your General Practitioner.


Wednesday 2pm – 3pm

Event Details

Date: Coming soon! (Pease note: we need a minimum of 6 people registered for this program to run)

Start time: 14:00

End time: 15:00

Venue: Mornington